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Pirate Roberts
4 February 1986
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I'm a graduate mechanical engineer working in Derby for a railway engineering company. Surprisingly enough, I've had to learn a lot about trains in a short period of time. I now sometimes forget that not everyone is interested in trains and am probably far down the path to my very own padded cell. In other news I'm from Doncaster and, while there's much wrong with it, it's my home town and I love it dearly. I do friends-lock a few posts but for the most part my journal is open to visitors and friends alike and all are welcome. :) Content may or may not include metal, comics, films, the occasional rant and, oh yeah, trains.

Disclaimer: Any spelling/grammar mistakes are attributed entirely to the 6 years that have elapsed since I last did English. Damn but that number is alarmingly large now. :S

A selective look at the music I listen to - when last.fm start scrobbling from my car cd player and laptop whenever I remove the internet to do work, THEN it'll be truly representative.
CU Real Ale Society - For beer related goings on during term in Cambridge.

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